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Protect Your Health and Your Vote.

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Protect Your Health and Your Vote.

How to vote absentee for the Aug. 4 Primary

Apply to vote from home. A lot has changed due to COVID-19, but not your right to vote. The country has seen how other states have struggled to hold in-person voting with locations formerly used for polling place shut down, causing long lines and even increases in hospitalizations and deaths.

For the August 4th primary election, AARP is encouraging older Missourians to stay safe and vote from home. You need to request an absentee ballot from your local election authorities, several of which have even sent out the request form to voters over the age of 60.

Just follow these steps:

  • Request an absentee ballot (Click the hyper-link to be redirected to the absentee ballot application.) from your local election authorities (Click the hyper-link to be redirected to election authorities listing. by July 22. (Click the hyper-link to be redirected to election authorities listing.)
  • Fill out the absentee ballot application and mail it back to your local election authorities by July 22.
  • Once you receive your Primary Election Ballot, complete it and return it by August 3.

This legislative session, AARP Missouri was able to secure a new “excuse” for absentee voting – if you are in a high-risk category for complications from the Coronavirus, you will be able to vote absentee and not have to have your ballot notarized before sending it back in.

High-Risk Categories Include: those over the age of 65, those with serious heart conditions, people who are immunocompromised, those with liver disease, those living in a long-term care facility, those with chronic lung disease or asthma, those with chronic liver disease, or people with diabetes.

Once again, you can find the absentee request form by clicking here and you can find your local election authority here.

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