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Support is finally on the way for Nebraska’s 179,000 family caregivers with the newly passed Caregiver Tax Credit starting in the 2025 tax year.
Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen signed the Caregiver Tax Credit Act (Legislative Bill 937) into law on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, that would provide a nonrefundable tax credit to any family caregiver who incurs eligible expenditures for the care and support of an eligible family member.
The Nebraska Legislature’s proposed Caregiver Tax Credit Act (Legislative Bill 937) passed final reading on April 18, and now awaits Governor Pillen’s signature to become law.
AARP Nebraska is bringing attention to Nebraska Legislature Bill 937 to Adopt the Caregiver Tax Credit Act. Introduced by State Senator Eliot Bostar, LB937 would help ensure family members who take care of their relatives with disabilities—incurring eligible expenditures for their care and support—are paid for their critical caregiving work through a nonrefundable tax credit.
For the first time since AARP began publishing the Scorecard in 2011, more than half of Medicaid long-term care dollars nationwide for older adults and people with physical disabilities went to home- and community-based services instead of nursing homes and other institutions.
Latest AARP research attaches dollar value to the estimated 168 million hours of unpaid care that family caregivers provided in 2021.
Nebraska faces a caregiving crisis as the state's population ages.
AARP Nebraska will hold its annual Lobby Week with state lawmakers from Monday, March 6, to Friday, March 10. Members and volunteers can participate either in person or virtually.
An AARP survey shows that older Nebraskans overwhelmingly support policies to assist family caregivers.
Findings support need for paid leave, job protection for caregivers and more funding for respite care
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