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The passage of LB 727 protects older and struggling homeowners from losing all of the equity in their home if they fall too far behind on paying their property taxes.
worried seniors
Nebraska is one of 11 states where property owners can lose their entire nest egg if they fall too far behind on paying property taxes.
National Caregiver Month
Latest AARP research attaches dollar value to the estimated 168 million hours of unpaid care that family caregivers provided in 2021.
The proposed measures in the Nebraska Legislature would cap out-of-pocket monthly costs for the life-saving drug at $100 and $35.
Nebraska faces a caregiving crisis as the state's population ages.
Blue Capsules on a Prescription Form
The bill, introduced by Senator Tom Briese, would pave the way for Nebraska to safely import lower-priced drugs.
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AARP Nebraska will hold its annual Lobby Week with state lawmakers from Monday, March 6, to Friday, March 10. Members and volunteers can participate either in person or virtually.
Prescription pills with money
AARP won the fight for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and help millions of seniors save money on their medications.
Hurricane Katrina Cottage
Accessory Dwelling Units are a family-friendly housing option for older adults who want to age in place, downsize or provide a place for their loved ones to stay.
Tax return forms and documents
The Nebraska Legislature this year passed legislation eliminating state income tax on Social Security, beginning with the 2025 tax year. The measure speeds up the timeline from the previous end date of 2030.
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