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Prescription pills with money
AARP won the fight for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and help millions of seniors save money on their medications.
Hurricane Katrina Cottage
Accessory Dwelling Units are a family-friendly housing option for older adults who want to age in place, downsize or provide a place for their loved ones to stay.
Tax return forms and documents
The Nebraska Legislature this year passed legislation eliminating state income tax on Social Security, beginning with the 2025 tax year. The measure speeds up the timeline from the previous end date of 2030.
Grant opens door to more funding to improve high-speed internet access
Senior Male with Technology
New program to help eligible Nebraska residents get essential high-speed internet
Lincoln Nebraska Capital Building Government Dome Architecture
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Just saying thank you isn't enough
High angle view of senior woman with technologies and credit card sitting by dog on sofa
High-speed internet access is a critical issue in Nebraska, and some progress was made this year.
16455615-Nebraska capitol
A new state law—strongly backed by AARP—will phase out state income tax on Social Security benefits. 
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