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AARP releases information on ND voters and 50+ women

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In September, AARP North Dakota reached out to its online advocates with an online questionnaire* designed to determine their greatest areas of concern leading into the 2022 election. More than 300 respondents gave a clear message regarding the issues top-of-mind as they head to the polls:

Top 3 issues for ND voters 50+

  • 97% -- Protection from frauds and scams
  • 95% -- Reducing the cost of prescription drugs
  • 91% -- Protecting the public pension benefits for state and local public employees

What else are ND voters 50+ talking about?

  • Protecting Medicare and Social Security benefits
  • Having access to services and support to live independently in home as they age
  • Keeping heating and electricity bills affordable and reliable for residential customers

“Those who filled out this questionnaire are reflecting what we’ve heard the past few years from our members and others over 50. That’s why, going into the 2023 Legislative session we’re looking forward to making real progress on these issues. Our goal is to work closely with our elected officials to do all we can in North Dakota to ensure those age 50 and older can thrive as they age in North Dakota,” says Josh Askvig, State Director.

Results from National Survey – She’s the Difference
that AARP conducted in partnership with a bi-partisan team of pollsters Celinda Lake, Christine Matthews, Kristen Soltis Anderson, and Margie Omero.

Key Findings

Half of women voters 50 and over have yet to make a decision about how they will vote in the congressional election. 

  • Our latest survey shows them evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans on the generic congressional ballot, with a sizeable number still making up their minds.
  • Four in ten will decide in the last few weeks before the election.

Women voters 50 and over are intensely concerned about a broad range of issues reflecting fears about economic instability and political discord. But they are not a monolith. 

  • The issue agenda for Republican women 50-plus includes the most important issue of inflation and rising prices, followed by crime, immigration, and election security.
  • In contrast, the top issues for Democratic women 50-plus are voting rights and threats to democracy, followed by gun violence and abortion. 
  • The top issues for Independent women 50-plus are health care and prescription drugs, abortion, and inflation and rising prices.

While women voters 50 and over are split about how well the economy is working for them personally, many are taking steps to deal with the rising cost of living. 

  • Two-thirds report cutting down on nonessential purchases and four in ten have cut back on essentials or taken money out of savings.
  • About a third are less financially secure than they expected to be at this point in their lives. 

Women voters 50+ are more unified about economic solutions.

  • Three-quarters say that protecting Social Security from cuts would personally help them a lot.
  • This is followed by lowering the costs of food, gas, and health care, and expanding Medicare to cover dental and vision.

AARP ND offers several resources and up-to-date voting information which can be found either at aarp.or/NDvotes or

AARP does not endorse or give money to candidates. Read more about our non-partisan status here

*Data was gathered using a questionnaire and results shouldn’t be considered scientific. Information gathered will be used to inform candidates about issues important to voters. 314 responses were received between August 30- September 9, 2022 from an online questionnaire of AARP North Dakota activists. Percentages reflect answers received from 314 respondents that selected these issues as very important or somewhat important

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