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AARP Pennsylvania Community Project Grant 2019

AARP Pennsylvania Project Grant 2019
“Quick action” grants to make communities livable for people of all ages

AARP invites you to submit application for quick-action projects that can help YOUR community become more livable. Applications are now being accepted for small grants to improve housing, transportation, public space, and other community elements that support great places for all people of all ages.

Applications are due by December 3, 2018, 5:00 pm ET and all projects must be completed by May 6, 2019.  

Applications must be submitted to .


Pennsylvania’s Introduction to Livable Communities

Our work includes convening stakeholders to make our communities more livable for all ages. We want to improve transportation options, affordable housing, and opportunities for civic engagement. AARP wants to help Pennsylvanians stay connected to their friends, family, neighborhoods, and communities, particularly as they age. Pennsylvania has the third largest older adult population in the country, and it’s projected to continue growing through 2020.

AARP has offices in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and is working with local leaders in almost 300 communities to make them great places for all ages. Ultimately, our vision is for a future in which U.S. communities – urban, suburban and rural –are great communities for ALL.

To help support communities who are working to create change, AARP plays several key roles on the ground, including:

  • Inspiring Communities to Take Action: AARP provides “quick action” grant funding to communities through the AARP PA Project Grant program such as projects that improve sidewalks and crosswalks, activate public spaces, and others. We also host local workshops on livability, such as pop-up demonstrations that help inform and catalyze stakeholders to take action.
  • Providing Resources and Expertise: AARP provides local leaders and community organizations with online, print and in person resources and expertise to help cities, towns, and neighborhoods launch and implement livability programs and positive changes. We also showcase great ideas from communities that are leading the way through print and online publications.
  • Engaging and Mobilizing Residents: AARP staff and volunteers work with community organizations and local municipalities to engage residents. We collect and disseminate information about what's important to the community’s age-50+ residents to decision makers, and provide local leaders, advocates, and residents with toolkits for taking action.

AARP 2019 Program

We know that great communities take a long time to build and sustain. But, we also believe that “quick actions” can be the critical spark for longer-term progress.  As such, AARP launched the AARP PA Project Grant program to fund projects to demonstrate community change and help build momentum in communities to improve livability for local residents.

Applications must be submitted to


The program is open to the following types of organizations located in the project community:

  • 501(C)(3), 501(C)(4), 501(C)(6) non-profits
  • Government entities
  • Other types of organizations will be considered on a case by case basis

The following projects are NOT eligible for funding:

  • Partisan, political or election related activities
  • Planning activities and assessments and surveys of communities
  • Studies with no follow-up action
  • Publication of books or reports
  • The acquisition of land and/or buildings
  • Sponsorships of other organizations’ events or activities
  • Research and development for a for-profit endeavor
  • The promotion of a for-profit entity and/or its products and services 

What types of projects are acceptable?

For this grant program, AARP will be focusing efforts on four categories:

  • Deliver a range of transportation and mobility options in the community through permanent or temporary solutions to increase connectivity, walkability, bikeability, and access to public and private transit.
  • Create vibrant public places in the community through permanent or temporary solutions that improve open spaces, parks and access to other amenities.
  • Support the availability of a range of housing in the community through permanent or temporary solutions that increase accessible and affordable housing options
  • Other innovative projects to improve the community. We want to know the most important needs in your community and the best “quick action” ideas you have to address them.

PA Project grants can be used to support the following types of projects in the community. Please note: Proposed project types described below will be prioritized over those that support ongoing programming or events.

  • Permanent physical fixtures in the community
  • Temporary demonstrations that lead to long-term change
  • New, innovative programming or services

The activity defined in the proposal will have to be complete prior to the May 6, 2019 deadline.

Grant Amount

Grants can range in size, from small, short-term activities that cost several hundred dollars up to $2,500. Funding requests cannot exceed $2,500.

How does a group/organization apply?

All applications must be submitted to by December 3, 2018, 5:00 pm ET.

Grant Selection

Grant recipients will be selected by an AARP panel of experts in aging issues, community development, and livable communities. In general, the projects will be judged on the degree to which their goals make an immediate change that leads to longer-term impact in a manner that meets all other selection criteria.

THRESHOLD CRITERIA (must meet the following criteria to be considered):

  • All items in the grant application have been addressed or noted if not applicable.
  • The grant will not be used for partisan, political or election related activities, or property acquisition.
  • The grant will not be used to promote a for-profit or its products and/or services
  • The grant is for one of the listed “qualified uses” in the “Project Details” section of the application.More specifically, the projects will be assessed on:
  • IMPACT (55 points) – The proposed project addresses a clear community need that brings positive benefit to the community and its residents and effectively engages community residents. The project also demonstrates the ability to accelerate, grow and/or sustain the community’s livability for all.
  • EXECUTION (30 points) – The application demonstrates an ability that suggests a high likelihood to deliver the project on time and within awarded budget.
  • INNOVATION (15 points) –The project demonstrates creativity, aesthetic beauty, unusual design or engagement elements, and/or the potential to spark additional community change.

AARP reserves the right to make funding decisions based on other criteria, in addition to those described herein.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Applications must be sent to with all pertinent information.
  • Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.


Grant recipients and unselected applications will be notified by email. Grantees must execute and email a binding Memorandum of Understanding to AARP by December 5, 2018, 5:00 pm ET.  Noncompliance with this time period may result in disqualification.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application to AARP, the applicant agrees that:

  • The decisions of AARP regarding the eligibility of participants and the validity of entries shall be final and binding.
  • All submissions will be judged by AARP whose decisions and determinations as to the administration of the award and selection of award recipients are final.
  • AARP has the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, or suspend the award.
  • All projects and applications shall not violate any third-party rights.
  • Except where prohibited by law, participation in the award constitutes the Applicant’s consent to AARP’s use of the organization’s name and corporate logo, street address, city, state, zip code, county, and names, likenesses, photographs, videos, images, and statements made or provided by the Applicant’s representatives regarding the award for promotional purposes in any media without further permission, consent, payment or other consideration

All promotional materials (such as newsletters, press releases), events and signage related to the funded project will include a statement indicating that support was received from AARP.

The organization is required to capture photos of the project and encouraged to capture video. As the organization captures photos and video of the project, if an identifiable individual appears in the photos and/or videos, the organization is responsible for having him/her sign the AARP General Release (this document will be provided to grantees with the MOU and other required paperwork). In addition the organization should not include any element in photos or videos provided to AARP that may violate third party rights such as artwork and trademarks in text and logo other than those owned by the organization and AARP. The organization should be prepared to send work in progress photos to AARP upon request. Following the grant period, grantees are required to respond to periodic requests for updates from AARP.

The organization will prepare and deliver an after-action report with visuals (photos and/or video) to AARP no later than June 30, 2019. More details about the after action report will be sent to selected grantees upon selection.

AARP and its affiliated organizations, subsidiaries, agents and employees are not responsible for late, lost, illegible, incomplete, stolen, misdirected, illegitimate, or impermissible submissions or any other error whether human, mechanical or electronic.

Please email questions to .

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