A man walks out of an absentee voting station after voting
Changes in election laws are making it easier for voters to cast their ballots
Por Cristina Rouvalis
By Cristina Rouvalis
Election Day is November 6 - do you know where the candidates for Pennsylvania governor stand?
Voter Engagement 2014
How do Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial candidates address the needs of 50-plus residents?  To help make choices in the Nov. 6 election, AARP Pennsylvania is posting video voter guides online to get the candidates, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and Scott Wagner (R), a former state senator, on the record.
AARP Pennsylvania is urging state residents to register to vote by April 16. That’s the deadline to register to vote in the May 15 primary elections.
By Hilary Appelman
Harrisburg, PA: Governor Tom Wolf presented his FY 16-17 budget in the annual budget message to the Pennsylvania General Assembly on Tuesday, February 9 th, but the budget itself was almost irrelevant to the event.  Here are three takeaways for you and your family to consider in the coming months.
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