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Homeowners and renters in Pennsylvania have until Tuesday, December 31, to apply for a 2023 property tax rebate.
Here's what to know, whether you're a resident who's working or retired, or if you're considering a move to Pennsylvania.
AARP strongly supports proposals that provide equitable, cost-effective, and targeted property tax relief to those most burdened by their property tax bills. More Pennsylvanians will receive help through the Commonwealth’s Property Tax Rent Rebate Program, which delivers relief for age and income eligible homeowners and renters.
Governor Josh Shapiro and Secretary of Aging Jason Kavulich were AARP Pennsylvania’s guests on an August 25 TeleTown Hall aimed at encouraging older and disabled Pennsylvanians to apply for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate (PTRR) program this year and informing them of the historic enhancements to the PTRR program, which AARP Pennsylvania advocated for, that will take effect in 2024.
A new Philadelphia law aims to prevent “tangled titles,” which occur when a homeowner dies and heirs mistakenly assume they own the home. In reality, if their name isn’t on the deed, heirs may be out of luck.
The Pennsylvania General Assembly is expected to consider this year the proposed Keystone Saves program, which could help the state’s estimated 2.1 million private-sector employees who lack access to retirement savings at work.
AARP Pennsylvania knows that many Pennsylvanians will struggle to afford higher heating bills this winter. In addition to higher heating costs, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact on the state of Pennsylvania. Learn more about resources that can help you stay warm while keeping costs down.
Medicare changes every year, which means it can get a little complicated when trying to understand what’s new for you. Join us for a free webinar where we’ll discuss the key takeaways from this year’s Medicare changes and what they may mean for your benefits.
Is your 65th birthday coming up? You know what that means: It’s time to prepare for Medicare. Get ahead of the game with answers from our free webinar on Medicare, including when to enroll, what’s covered and where to find help along the way.
Financial Empowerment Center counselors can help individuals find housing or emergency assistance, open and learn how to use a bank account, or work out payment plans with creditors, among other services.
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