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Hunger Grants for the Fight Against Food Insecurity

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According to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey, there are nearly 122,000 households in Southeastern Pennsylvania that must reduce the size of meals or skip meals entirely, because they cannot afford to purchase adequate amounts of food.  These statistics, among others, serve as a platform for AARP - in partnership with the AARP Foundation - to award several micro-grants to Philadelphia based community organizations aiding the costs of serving the vulnerable 50+ in the fight against hunger.

AARP will select three organizations to receive micro-grants based on their community need in the fight against senior hunger. AARP's local micro-grant applications will be made available online HERE beginning May 7, 2013.

The micro-grants are created to help organizations assist the portion of the 50+ population in Philadelphia that are “food insecure,” meaning they occasionally lack access to enough food to lead a healthy lifestyle.   AARP Regional Vice President, Rawle Andrews Esq. said, “Nearly 9 million adults age 50 and older are uncertain where their next meal may be coming from, so the time is now to put an end to this issue.” “We are encouraging for-profits and non-profits to come together on this critical issue affecting entire communities, especially children and vulnerable 50+. We can work collectively to cause change.”

AARP members are working together with the Foundation’s overall initiatives to feed those who are hungry now, while also developing long-term, sustainable solutions to the root causes of hunger among those 50 and older.

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