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PA Residents Eligible for Savings Through Pennie, State’s Health Insurance Marketplace

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PA residents are now eligible for healthcare savings through Pennie, the states’ health insurance marketplace where Pennsylvanians can shop for health insurance plans, thanks to the recently passed American Rescue Plan which includes provisions to make health insurance more affordable for millions of Americans.

Through 2022, Pennsylvanians who buy individual health plans through Pennie will receive increased financial assistance to offset the cost of insurance premiums. Previously, only people who earned less than 400% of the federal poverty level were eligible, but now anyone can qualify for one. In addition, a provision of the American Rescue Plan caps the amount an individual pays for health insurance in the marketplace at 8.5% of income for two years.

This provision went into effect April 1, overlapping with a special enrollment period which was designed to help people who lost their employer-based health insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The special enrollment period ends on August 15.

“These changes will provide significant savings for Pennsylvanians who otherwise do not have access to healthcare,” states Joanne Grossi, AARP Pennsylvania State President. “The increased subsidies, along with the special enrollment period to help with COVID-19 relief, could help close racial disparities in health insurance coverage.”

Among Pennsylvanians age 50-64, 12.2% of Hispanic/Latino adults are uninsured, as are 9.3% of African American/Black adults, 8.2% of Asian American adults, and 5.1% of White adults.

Find out more about Pennie, the state’s health insurance marketplace, at or call 844-844-8040. 

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