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What kind of world do you want to live in next year

Happy New Year

Tonight we will celebrate another milestone in the passage of time. 2018 will come to an end we will ring in the beginning of a new year. Whether it’s surrounded by friends with fireworks, champagne and fancy dress; or at home in our comfy clothes with our dearest loved ones, we celebrate and we remember.

As with many endings and new beginnings, this is often used as a time of remembrance and reflection. We remember major world and national events from the year and reflect on their meaning in our own lives. We also look back on the year that has passed and contemplate our fondest memories, our proudest moments and our greatest triumphs. We remember those we’ve lost and will never forget and we reflect on our mistakes and the trials we’ve persevered through.

Regardless of how rough or wonderful the past year was for you and what you choose to reflect on, the New Year brings with it hope of a brighter future. And we should hold on to that hope. We look toward better days and know those days are coming.

Many will try to plan and work toward those better days by making New Year’s resolutions. (If you plan on creating a resolution here is a list of 100 blogs about different resolutions for you to consider.)

It is altogether fitting that we should do this. Resolutions require us to reflect on what has passed and commit ourselves to what we can do better in the future to be the best version of ourselves and live our very best life. Among our resolutions this year, may I suggest that we consider resolving to be better neighbors than we have been and to truly commit ourselves to the service of our fellow human being?

Around the world and sometimes in our own homes people are at war with another.  We all know the political situation in the nation is rife with mistrust, tension and even hatred at times. However, let us start to put that be behind us. I know it seems impossible, but it only takes individuals making individual choices to change the world.

I’m reminded of a story by one of my favorite authors Matthew Kelly. In the story, a businessman is trying to prepare a speech to his employees he hopes will help save his ailing company. His wife leaves for a while and he is left watching his 5-year-old son.

The boy is bored and keeps interrupting his dad’s work trying to get his father to play with him or entertain him. Finally, the man decides to bribe his son. He finds a magazine with a map of the world on it and rips it into pieces. He tells the boy that if he can put the world back together again he will give him $20. The boy’s eyes light up and he takes the scattered pieces and leaves the room.

His father, knowing the boy has no idea what the map of the world looks like, figures he has bought himself some time and gets back to work on his speech. But he is interrupted again in just minutes when the boy comes in claiming to have finished putting the world back together. The man is astounded as he looks and sees the boy has indeed put the world back together again.

He asks his son how he did it. The boy tells him that he had no idea what the world looked like, but he noticed on the back side of the page there was a picture of a man. He tells his father that he knew what the man should look like and he knew if he put the man together right, the world would be right. The businessman hands his son $20 with a smile and thanks him for giving him his speech for the night.

If we get ourselves right, we get the world right. So, when you make your resolutions tonight and tomorrow, ask yourself; what kind of world do you want to live in?

Happy New Year’s.

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