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Scams & Fraud

Don't fall victim to financial abuse. Learn to spot the red flags so you can keep yourself and your family safe.
Given members’ ongoing worries about fraud, AARP South Carolina is working to educate them on how to avoid financial exploitation.
The effects of financial exploitation can be devastating. Most older adults who are impacted never see it coming. But there are always clues and red flags. We want to help you spot them and take action! Check out these 10 tips from a former prosecutor.
Veterans report being the target of fraud attempts more than civilians do, according to a 2021 AARP survey — and they are also more likely to lose money in scams.
Scammers try to take advantage of the unsuspecting, especially older people who have nest eggs and are vulnerable to exploitation.
He was an accomplished con man whose tale became a major motion picture (Catch Me If You Can).
Learn about ways to protect yourself and your loved ones at our free, two-part webinar.
Learn about ways to avoid illegal robocalls and phone scams in this free, two-part webinar.
Learn How to Avoid Their Scams at AARP’s Free, Two-Part Webinar
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