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The League of Women Voters of South Carolina: Who We Are and What We Do

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by Lynn Shuler Teague, VP for Issues and Action, League of Women Voters of South Carolina

The League of Women Voters is a national non-partisan organization that grew out of the suffragette movement. The League is known for our work registering and educating voters and our advocacy efforts at every level of government. We include many men among our members and officers and we focus on a wide range of issues that fall under our national mission of “Making Democracy Work.” The concerns that are most central to our state organization in South Carolina (LWVSC) include voting rights and elections, ethics in government, judicial independence, and the overall integrity of our representative government. This last includes the very important issue of reapportionment, the process by which our legislative districts are defined.

We are also deeply engaged on issues related to access to healthcare for all our citizens, preservation of our environment for this and future generations, and the availability of a high quality public education for all of our children.

This broad scope would not be possible without help. We direct our most focused energies toward our central issues of government access and accountability. We rely on our close working relationships with other state-level organizations to expand our reach on these and other issues. AARP of South Carolina is very prominent among LWVSC allies in areas ranging from health care to ethics.

If you would like to learn more about the League of Women Voters, here is our national website  and our South Carolina website . Local South Carolina chapters are listed on the state webpages. We also have a state Facebook page, listed under “League of Women Voters of South Carolina,” and a Twitter account, @lwvsc. We hope you enjoy learning about us and our work!

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