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SD Legislature Week 7: Two Weeks to Go!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we get to our update on what happened in Pierre, this week, we want you to be watching for another email coming from us soon on the House State Affairs Committee Hearing on SJR501. As a reminder, this is the resolution that would place a measure on the November ballot related to work reporting requirements for some individuals eligible under Medicaid expansion. When you see that action alert email, please take a moment to send a message to committee members urging them to respect the will of the voters who passed Medicaid expansion and vote NO on SJR 501.

There are two weeks left in the 2024 South Dakota legislative session, and AARP South Dakota’s work is not done!

House Bill 1116 - Fraud Prevention
AARP South Dakota testified in favor of House Bill 1116 (HB 1116) which makes fraudulent solicitation of charitable contributions a deceptive act or practice. On an 8-0 vote, HB 1116 passed in the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee and then passed on the Senate floor. The bill had previously passed through the House of Representatives, so it now goes to the Governor for her signature.

Fraud is a serious crime that often targets older South Dakotans. While younger people are reported to lose money more often, older individuals tend to lose more money in total. Fraud is a growing issue that will continue to devastate millions of people – and for older victims, it happens at a time in their lives when they are least capable of financial recovery.

Scammers are always finding new and more sophisticated ways to target people and relieve them of their hard-earned money. We have to be just as diligent in updating our laws. Some sham charities succeed by mimicking the real thing. Like genuine nonprofits, they reach you via telemarketing, direct mail, email and door-to-door solicitations. They might make appeals on social media and create well-designed websites with deceptive names. In addition, most people don’t research charities before they donate. Finally, individuals are not the only victims in this scam as real charities need support, and they lose out when much-needed funds get diverted to scammers.

HB 1116 is a much-needed update to South Dakota’s consumer protection laws and offers further protection to South Dakota consumers.

Senate Bill 147 - Palliative Care
AARP South Dakota testified in favor of Senate Bill 147 (SB 147), which provides for the distribution of informational materials regarding palliative care. The bill passed unanimously in the House Health and Human Services committee and then passed on the floor of the House of Representatives. Because the bill had already passed through the Senate, it now goes to the Governor for her signature.

AARP South Dakota expressed its support for SB 147 because it seeks to provide information to healthcare consumers on important services such as palliative care. Research has shown that most people do not receive the type of care they want in their final months of life. One reason for this is inadequate medical education regarding death and dying. It prevents clinicians from communicating effectively with their patients. In addition, a medical culture that emphasizes curing over other care goals too often propels clinicians to implement aggressive care.

SB 147 will help to provide key information to South Dakotans on their care options so that they may make informed treatment decisions.

Connect with Lawmakers at Legislative Cracker Barrels
Another great way for you to make your voice heard, along with sending emails or making phone calls, is to attend local legislative coffees or "cracker barrel" sessions held on the weekends when legislators are back in their home districts. We have compiled information on some locations that have already announced upcoming cracker barrel sessions. Is your community hosting a cracker barrel event? Email us the information at, and we will update our list.

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