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OCT 8, 2020
Are you a regular biker, an occasional rider or thinking about breaking out the old two-wheeler? In a recent survey released by AARP, older cyclists reflect on their bicycling preferences and experiences and reveal trends among the 50+ population. Many consider cycling to be a staple of their lives and can't envision ever not being able to ride a bike
APR 21, 2020
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SEP 17, 2020
Here's all the scoop on how to vote in VT this year,,,and stay safe!
SEP 14, 2020
This live Q&A event will address how you can stay safe and protected from Coronavirus related scams. Get expert advice and the latest information on vaccines and how to care for loved ones during the pandemic.
Beware of callers pretending to be contact tracing
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Joe Scarnici recounts how he was targeted and lost thousands
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On June 4, AARP Vermont presented a webinar on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and how to navigate the regulatory hurdles and other challenges to plan and develop this form of housing. The webinar covered ADU benefits, shared architectural design ideas, the latest zoning regulations, and the steps required to get an ADU permitted and built in Burlington. The event was well attended.
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Jack sends $19,000 to an attorney thinking he's getting his granddaughter out of jail
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A stolen purse case leads to a nationwide financial fraud crime ring
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