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Creative Age Festival Encourages Seniors to Stay “Creative, Active, Fulfilled and Engaged”

The Edmonds community is proud to host the first-of-its-kind event in our region: the Creative Age Festival of Edmonds (CAFE) on Friday and Saturday, April 15-16, 2016, which encourages seniors to stay Creative, Active, Fulfilled and Engaged by participating in two days of entertainment, education, activities, and fun! Tickets for the 2-day event start at $35 and can be purchased online at

The CAFE event will begin the afternoon of Friday, April 15th, with a keynote speech by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, followed by a concert by the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.


On Saturday, April 16th, CAFE will offer more than 30 classes and activities at the Frances Anderson Center in downtown Edmonds. Choose from topics covering health and wellness, nutrition, brain health, visual and performing arts, literary arts, travel, technology, and volunteerism. The classes and activities will include presentations by: Dr. Gloria Burgess, President and CEO of Jazz Inc.; Dr. Jean Hernandez, President of Edmonds Community College; Mayor Dave Earling, City of Edmonds; Rebecca Crichton, Northwest Center for Creative Aging; Holly J. Hughes, author; members of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra; plus introductory fitness classes put on by Harbor Square Athletic Club.

Tickets can be purchased à la carte for separate events: Dr. Schwartz’s presentation on Friday afternoon, the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra concert on Friday evening, and the full day of workshops on Saturday. Choose one event for $35, two events for $55, or all three events for $75. The first 75 ticket-holders for the entire weekend (all three events) will also be treated to a private reception and a tour at the Cascadia Art Museum (, including a performance by an ensemble from the Cascade Symphony Orchestra.

The Creative Age Festival of Edmonds is designed to empower retirement-age individuals to learn techniques, skills and activities, and forge new relationships that will enhance their lives. With a holistic ensemble of classes that promote health and well-being through physical and mental vitality, creative expression, and social connection, CAFE will galvanize people to act on their desire to become and to “Stay CAFE”:

Creative—Adopt new skills that bolster imaginative, artistic, and innovative action. (i.e. painting, writing, photography, singing, playing musical instruments, music composition, acting, etc.)
Active—Embrace lifestyle choices to become active in health and wellness activities (i.e. fitness, cardio, yoga, walking, and the myriad of outdoor activities)
Fulfilled—Pursue meaningful efforts that nurture personal, family, and societal improvement
Engaged—Participate in endeavors that strengthen civic and interpersonal connections

For ticket and event information, and to meet the CAFE team, please visit .

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