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Trained AARP speakers available free of charge

At AARP, we’re working hard on the issues that matter to you and your family. With more than 900,000 members in the state, and 38-million members nationwide, we’re committed to strengthening communities and advocating for what matters most to families: health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment.

As part of our community outreach efforts, we're excited to provide presentations on a variety of topics including Brain Health, Fraud Prevention, Caregiving and more. Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to present in person, but are happy to present to your group via the video-conferencing platform Zoom. Participation in a Zoom virtual presentation can be accomplished from the comfort of your home using a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device.

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Trained AARP volunteer speakers are free and available now. We invite groups of 10 or more to schedule an event with us.

Speakers are currently available to present on the following:

  • HomeFit

The goal of the AARP HomeFit program is to empower and equip individuals with information to safely remain in their home as they age. The workshop leads participants through the process of thinking about each area of their current home and whether it will meet their needs as they age, from an accessibility and livability viewpoint. In an AARP survey, eight-out-of-ten people age 45 and older say they want to remain in their homes and communities for as long as possible. The workshop offers ideas and inspiration on making modifications, ranging from simple do-it-yourself fixes to more complex solutions, depending on the individuals needs and desires. Join us at a HomeFit workshop to learn how to live comfortably, independently, and injury-free at home. Length of Workshop: Provided as either a 30-minute or 60-minute presentation

  • Six Pillars of Brain Health

It’s never too late to take charge of your brain health! In this hour-long, interactive session you will learn about the six pillars of a brain-healthy lifestyle. Discover how living an active life – by learning more, being social, staying fit, eating right, getting enough sleep and managing stress – can support brain health. This session will provide you with actionable steps you can take along with resources to learn more. Length of Workshop: Provided as either a 30-minute or 60-minute presentation

  • Protect Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft

Con artists don’t care how hard you’ve worked, they steal billions from Americans like you every year. AARP is arming Americans with the tools they need to spot and avoid fraud and scams so they can protect themselves and their families. Our trained speakers are ready to discuss fraud and identity theft with community groups & clubs, professional organizations, and at conferences free of charge. We’ll share an inside look at how scammers think, how to safeguard against identity theft and fraud, hear first-hand accounts from victims, and what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim. Length of Workshop: Provided as either a 30-minute or 60-minute presentation

  • Vigilance Against Cyber Crime

Identity theft and other forms of online fraud pose a serious and growing threat throughout the nation. The internet is a goldmine for scam artists. Learn how con artists are using a variety of scams to defraud Internet users, how to help safeguard yourself against online fraud and cyber scams, and what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim. Length of Workshop: Provided as either a 30-minute or 60-minute presentation

  • Operation Protect Veterans from Fraud

AARP research found that 16% of veterans have lost money to scammers, compared to only 8% of the non-military public. Join us as we share information on the top fraud and scams that are likely to target veterans and your guaranteed benefits. We'll also share information on how to safeguard yourself from scams & what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim. Length of Workshop: Provided as either a 30-minute or 60-minute presentation

  • Living Longer, Living Smarter

These workshops help you actively prepare for your future and the need for long-term care. This program is presented as a series of four 30-minute workshops or a combined two-hour workshop.
-Your Health – You need to stay healthy to live life to the fullest both now and in the future. Learn how your ability to live well is impacted by family health history, lifestyle modifications and types of health insurance.
-Your Home and Community – Assess whether your home and community can support your changing needs. Will your home help or hinder your quality of life as you age? Does your community offer sufficient access via public transit or shared ride services to help residents connect with social activities, jobs, health care, and other important services?
-Your Finances – Learn about retirement income and the cost of long-term care. Will you have enough assets to cover our increasing lifespans? Remember, Medicare usually only pays for medical care, not for long term care services and supports around the home.
-Your Wishes – Consider how you want your medical care and finances handled if you’re unable to make decisions. What have you already put into writing and what needs to be decided or updated?
Presented as four 30-minute workshops or a combined two-hour workshop.

  • Prepare to Care

No matter where you are in the journey of family caregiving – just beginning to anticipate a need, helping to coordinate a big move, or taking care of a family member full-time – having a good framework to help guide both you and your loved one will make the process easier.
During this hour-long session, we will share a framework to help you make plans to care for friends, family members, or loved ones. You will have the opportunity to connect with other family caregivers, exchange tips and advice, and learn about resources available to you and your loved ones.
Length of Workshop: Provided as either a 30-minute or 60-minute presentation


If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming virtual event, meeting, or conference, the AARP Volunteer Speakers Bureau is a resource for you. It’s a free service offered to the community. Click here to make your request today. Presentations are scheduled pending the availability of our trained volunteer speakers. Please allow 7 business days for our reply.

Speakers are also available to deliver select presentations in Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Please contact us for additional information at

We are working towards expanding this volunteer-led team of speakers. If you are interested in joining our volunteer Speakers Bureau, we’d love to have you! Please send us a message at

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