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Reject Big Pharma Lies and Help Protect Washingtonians from High Rx Costs

Reject Big Pharma Lies and Help Protect Washingtonians from High Rx Costs

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Americans are sick and tired of paying the highest prices in the world for the medications they need. Here in Washington, the average annual cost of prescription drug treatment increased 26.3% between 2015 and 2019, while the average annual income for Washington residents only increased 18.8%. 

It is just wrong that even during a pandemic and financial crisis, drug companies increased the prices of over 1,000 drugs last year, including those for chronic conditions that people over age 50 depend on. 

AARP applauds Senator Karen Keiser (D–Des Moines) for introducing a bill to help protect Washington consumers from exorbitant price increases for prescription drugs.  Senate Bill 5532 would create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board to evaluate prices and set limits on what individuals, state agencies, and insurers must pay.  This legislation could lead to lower insurance premiums, reduce taxpayer spending on healthcare, and would help ensure people can afford the medication they need.

Unfortunately, big Pharma has come out in force against this legislation using lies and scare tactics designed only to protect their bottom lines.  We've been able to thwart some of their poison amendments, but there is still work to be done.

The truth is they use our tax dollars to fund research to develop new drugs. And then they charge us more than anyone else in the world to buy those same drugs. They are making billions while we're getting ripped off. It's shameful.

Please join us in the fight to make prescription drugs more affordable for Washingtonians.  Contact your state elected official by calling the Washington State Legislative HOTLINE at 1-800-562-6000.

Ask your legislator to reject any PHARMA amendments to SB 5532 and vote YES on the Lower Drug Costs Now!

More about Prescription Drug Affordability Boards
Prescription Drug Affordability Boards (PDABs) work for consumers. Information gathered by a Drug Price Transparency reporting program will be used by the PDAB to help the state evaluate the true impact of high prescription drug prices. How much are patients and payers really paying for drugs? How much are drug manufacturers spending on things like research and development and how do those costs compare to what the company is spending on marketing and advertising? How much of a drug’s development costs are funded by taxpayers? Using this information, the PDAB will then establish upper payment limits for some drugs, increasing access to life-saving medications for Washingtonians.

The affordability board will be comprised of experts NOT bureaucrats (as recent Pharma materials falsely state) and may recommend additional appropriate ways for the state to address prescription drug prices that create affordability challenges for consumers and the state. They will determine a method for establishing an upper payment limit, and recommend other ways to make drugs more affordable.

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Efforts to help you afford the medications you need are under attack and we need your help. Your elected officials have an opportunity to fight for every Washingtonian who pays too much for the prescriptions they need. Call your lawmaker today and urge them to put people over pharmaceutical company greed.

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