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AARP Arkansas

Redefining and improving life for Arkansans 50+
A brief overview of the events and happenings at AARP Arkansas during quarter one and ways you can get involved in quarter two.
AARP Arkansas is committed to keeping our members and volunteers abreast of events that may be on interest. .
AARP Arkansas will host our FREE Little Rock Shred Fest on Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 9 a.m. to noon, at 1701 Centerview Drive, Little Rock.
Information for our volunteers and members about upcoming events and how to get involved.
How to sign up to become a new AARP Arkansas volunteer.
Contact info for AARP Arkansas and staff
The names of the first 10 Medicare drugs whose prices the federal government will negotiate directly with manufacturers were released Aug. 29. Popular but pricey blood thinners, diabetes medications, cancer treatments make historic list.
Find free online and in-person local events designed with you in mind. Discover fun exercise classes, healthy cooking demos, helpful workshops, and more.
One of Arkansas' 420,000 unpaid caregivers shares her family's story.
Arkansas: Find upcoming election dates, registration deadlines and options for voting, such as voting by mail, early voting or voting with a disability.
AARP Arkansas is teaming up with the Arkansas Foodbank to provide information on SNAP and navigating the gap in services at the close of the Affordable Connectivity Program.
Stevie Smith, a retired U.S. Army logistics officer, is the new lead for the AARP Arkansas veterans team. In the role, Smith, 55, organizes meetings, speakers, community service projects and other activities geared toward former service members.
During Women's History Month, it is crucial to acknowledge the strides women have made toward equality in our country. The disparities in financial equality can still be seen, however, which makes it even more important for women to take the time to educate themselves.
During Women’s History Month, we are looking at key issues that impact women, and caregiving is a topic that is certainly at the top of our list.
Stay a step ahead of the scammers by getting valuable information to fight fraud.
As Women's History Month unfolds, we have an opportunity to shine a spotlight on women veterans.
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