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Mandy Stanage Shoptaw

Current Role: Associate State Director - Communications and Outreach
One of Arkansas' 420,000 unpaid caregivers shares her family's story.
A brief overview of the events and happenings at AARP Arkansas during quarter one and ways you can get involved in quarter two.
Information for our volunteers and members about upcoming events and how to get involved.
During Women's History Month, it is crucial to acknowledge the strides women have made toward equality in our country. The disparities in financial equality can still be seen, however, which makes it even more important for women to take the time to educate themselves.
During Women’s History Month, we are looking at key issues that impact women, and caregiving is a topic that is certainly at the top of our list.
As Women's History Month unfolds, we have an opportunity to shine a spotlight on women veterans.
Women's History Month provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on the strides women have made, including the evolution of women's voting rights.
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