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AARP Neighborwalks 2018

Seniors Walking

Join AARP Colorado for NeighborWalks 2018. Enjoy guided walks through some of Denver's most beautiful and interesting neighborhoods. Come meet others in your community, learn the history and join the fun. Walks will be led by a local historian.

The goal of NeighborWalks is to get more people walking every day for health, transportation, environment, and community. The walks are designed to be inclusive and are themed, educational and social events that bring neighbors together to explore neighborhoods and enjoy the cities walking and pedestrian infrastructure, historic and cultural districts, parks and public spaces.

Join us for one or all of these fun events:

Tuesday, May 15: State Park, 10:00 a.m. – noon
One of our newest state parks, Staunton highlights more than just beautiful scenery, wildflowers and a giant “lion” made of stone. There is history to be found there as well. Homesteaders moved into the area and tried to make the land fruitful according to their vision. It was a hard task, so we will see if they succeeded. We’ll also talk of the presence of lumber harvesting in the area on this hike through the grandeur of Staunton State Park. This tour starts at the second parking lot on the left after entering the park via Elk Creek Road. Guests will have to pay admission at the entry station, then proceed to the parking lot by the bathrooms and picnic facility.  Register Online

Monday, May 21: Women’s History, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Is the history of Denver just about men?  Absolutely not! Come discover the ‘weaker’ sex that made Denver proud — and made it blush. Women ventured out of the home, across the prairie, up the mountains, and into our history. We let you in on the secrets of what they wore — or didn’t — what they cooked, where they went, and what they did, and what the men thought about it all. Come meet the noble and notorious women of Denver, from Chipeta, the Ute woman who negotiated for peace, to Mattie Silks, the madam who negotiated for sex. So, leave your bloomers behind and join us for the truth about who tamed the West! This tour starts at the Colfax at Auraria LightRail Station.  Register Online

Tuesday, June 5: Historic Arvada, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Arvada began as many cities in the region did, with agriculture and mining as their focus. For many years, the city was a stop along the way between Denver and Boulder, but the mid-century  would bring dynamic changes to the city. Today, Arvada is a much larger city, with many fascinating things taking place, but we’ll focus on the historic downtown. Looking to the future with LightRail and a walkable city center, Arvada is poised to make the most of a new century as well as welcome you to its stories. Join us to learn all about Arvada. This tour starts at the McIlvoy House, 7307 Grandview Ave., Arvada, CO.  Register Online

Wednesday, June 13: Historic Golden, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Founded to take advantage of the gold flowing from the mountains, Golden’s future once looked so promising that it was made the territorial capital. Though Denver would take the honor back, Golden did not let this tarnish its future. Today, the city is more than just a popular tourist destination. It is also full of historic places and stories. We’ll walk the streets of Golden, from the campus to the creek, learning that all that glitters is gold in Golden. This tour starts at the Golden Hotel, 800 11th Street, Golden, CO.  Register Online

Tuesday, July 17: Bonnie Brae Alley Art, 10:00 a.m. – noon
In a neighborhood growing in popularity, how do you encourage people to keep the alleys clean and as pleasant as the fronts of the houses? With art, of course! Bonnie Brae has pioneered an innovative method of making their alleys not only clean but also welcoming. It’s not unusual to see small tour buses out for a drive to see the mosaics, each one unique. We won’t see them all, as
that would be quite a walk, but we’ll see many of them, with artist interpretations to accompany most. Bring your artistic eye and join us in Bonnie Brae! This tour starts at the intersection of Ohio Ave. and Bonnie Brae Blvd., Denver, CO. Register Online

Thursday, July 26: 17th Street, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Once known as the Wall Street of the West, 17th Street was the place where the movers and shakers of the region came to make decisions, build financial empires and guide the growth of our state. From Union Station anchoring one end to the Brown Palace Hotel at the other, it is a street lined with breathtaking buildings, art and the stories of what happened over cigars and cognac. While we won’t see the entire street (it’s quite long, after all), we’ll walk as much as possible. Time to see Wall Street, Denver style, and you may even leave your cigars at home. This tour starts at the corner of 17th St. and Tremont, by the Republic Tower.  Register Online




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