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With more Coloradans staying home than ever during the global Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we review some the ways that scammers might try and take advantage of isolated, financially strapped or bored people:

Imposter scams – Often posing as a government agency (Social Security) or legitimate business (Amazon) and requesting personal, financial information or website login/password.

Employment scams – Looking for a job? Avoid opportunities that sound in any way out of the normal. Be particularly skeptical of work-from-home opportunities during this time.

Romance scams – Bored or lonely? You don’t have to be on a dating site to be targeted by a romance scam. Many of these scams originate on social media sites and apps. Ignore and report any request for money, goods or personal information.

Charity scams – There are lots of organizations doing great work to help out during this difficult time. Make sure your hard-earned money is going to the intended cause by doing your research before giving. Avoid unsolicited requests and seek out organizations to make a donation to.

Door-to-Door scams Since many people are home, scammers might go door-to-door posing as a Census worker or health official. Census workers are not scheduled to start to visit the homes of those who have not completed the Census until late-May (which could still be pushed back).

If you have a question or report about a scam or instance of fraud contact an AARP ElderWatch volunteer for information and assistance. Stay safe and healthy!

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