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CIVHC Connect: Caring & Preparing for Serious Illness


Serious illness will affect us all, either personally or through loved ones, at some point in our lives. Preparation and knowledge of the nuts and bolts can provide comfort in a scary situation. As Change Agents, there are also ways we can improve the system to support those going through serious illness.

Join CIVHC on February 22nd at History Colorado for an interactive day focused on caring and planning for serious illness.  Cost is $40.00


7:30-8:00 amNetworking/Registration

8-8:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:15-9:15Navigating the Legal Side of Serious Illness

The challenges of serious illness are not limited to health care. There are many legal aspects that patients and loved ones must take into consideration when preparing for the future. This session will walk attendees through the legalities of Advance Care Planning and the different forms used in Colorado and across the nation.

9:15-10:15PanelGuiding Patients and Clients through the Advance Care Planning Conversation

It is human nature to avoid difficult conversations. However, the conversation surrounding serious illness preparation is one of the most important. The experts on this panel will share insights on how to make these conversations easier for providers, loved ones, patients, and residential staff/social services. 10:15-10:30Break

10:30-12:00The Conversation in Action

Difficult things are always easier with a game plan. This session will teach attendees how to initiate the Advance Care Planning conversation and gather the facts needed to ensure that patients’ treatment wishes are fulfilled. These skills will be put to work right away as the session moves from discussion to role-play and practice.

12-12:30 pmLunch

12:30-1:00Advance Care Planning and Technology: Registries and Portable Information

Having the conversation and doing the planning will not be useful if the information is not in the right hands at the right time. Recent technology and innovations are creating opportunities for patients’ wishes to be easily accessible when needed. Presenters in this session will discuss the impact of technology on Advance Care Planning and possible solutions to the information gap surrounding patient treatment plans.

1:15-1:30 pmBreak

1:30-2:00The Politics of Advance Care Planning

Colorado is a national leader in health care and has a robust community dedicated to improving the lives of those with serious illness. This session will highlight recent policy decisions impacting Advance Care Planning across the state.

2:00-3:00 pm Bridging the Vulnerable Moments: Current Care Transitions Initiatives in Colorado

Transitions between care settings can be when patients are most vulnerable. This session will highlight state and local programs designed to protect patients as they move through serious illness.

3:00pmClosing Remarks

Event Cost: $40

For more information and to register, visit us online

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