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AARP Florida Celebrates Victories for Older Floridians in 2024 Legislative Session


TALLAHASSEE, Florida – As the dust settles on the 2024 legislative session, AARP Florida proudly celebrates significant victories that will positively impact Floridians aged 50 and above. During this session, dozens of AARP Florida advocacy volunteers traveled from various corners of the state to Tallahassee, demonstrating a strong commitment to advancing the needs of older adults in our community.

AARP Florida's advocacy efforts during the 2024 legislative session centered on vital issues such as enhancing opportunities for the state's healthcare workforce, broadening access to affordable housing and safeguarding the financial security of consumers. As the 60-day session concluded on March 8, AARP's commitment resulted in significant achievements; AARP supported more than 25 bills that passed while either defeating or enhancing several other bills it opposed.

"AARP Florida showed during the 2024 legislative session that we are a strong advocate for older Floridians," said AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson. "As a wise friend and fierce defender for older Floridians, we secured key wins, including expanding affordable housing options and bolstering financial security for consumers. Our commitment to enhancing the lives of all Floridians as we age remains unwavering."

In addition to AARP staff advocating for issues that affect older adults, volunteers made their mark in the Florida State Capitol.

"AARP Florida continued to take a different approach to the legislative session. We integrated advocacy volunteers from across the state through a consistent presence that began with committee weeks and extended throughout the session," explained Zayne Smith, Director of Advocacy at AARP Florida. "While many organizations have a one-day “fly-in”, we believe we be more impactful by giving AARP members a voice and a presence throughout the process. Our advocacy volunteers’ invaluable contributions are pivotal in strengthening our presence within the Florida Capitol. Moving forward, AARP Florida remains committed to the ongoing involvement of our dedicated advocacy volunteers."

AARP Florida concentrated its advocacy efforts on improving opportunities for the state's healthcare workforce, expanding access to affordable housing, and protecting the financial security of consumers.

The most significant wins for AARP included:

• A major investment in increasing opportunities for Florida’s health care workforce in the face of looming shortages of doctors, nurses and frontline care providers. (Senate Bill 7016)

• Several bills related to housing (homeowners associations, mobile home parks, and community associations) - an area in which AARP members have been particularly vocal. (House Bills 1203, 613, and 1021)

• Stopping a bill that would have increased electric utility rates. (Senate Bill 480)

Throughout the 60-day session, legislators filed 1,957 general bills, with 325 successfully passing. AARP Florida remains committed to ongoing advocacy efforts to create positive change for older Floridians. If you're interested in joining our advocacy volunteer team, click here to get involved.

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