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Florida lawmakers adopted a slew of healthcare bills that will help Florida consumers save on prescription drugs and gain easier access to their doctors. For ratepayers who get their electrical power from investor-owned utilities (FPL, Duke, TECO, Gulf Power, FPUC), lawmakers ignored calls from consumer groups, AARP Florida included, and pushed through legislation that will increase consumers’ monthly bills. We breakdown the top issues AARP Florida tracked.
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AARP Florida's primary concerns are that bill allows the increasing rates from what is already allowed and lacks sufficient underwriting protections. Additionally, there is no restriction against add-ons fees, which inevitably will be attached and significantly increase the cost to consumers.
Homeowners beware! Unscrupulous contractors are conning residents into surrendering their home insurance policy claim rights and benefits. In the wake of Hurricane Michael, these instances are sure to grow.
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 Survey: Medicare Beneficiaries at Risk from Card-Replacement Scams
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A Florida AARP member has alerted the association to a new scam, in which a door-to-door sales representative pretending to be from AARP visited a Sunshine State manufactured-home park selling an electronic “medical alert system.”
Floridians, do you collect Social Security? A new scam is targeting YOU.
The federal government grant scam has been around for years. But now, scammers are finding targets through social media.
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Fellow Floridians, IRS imposters are at their old game—but with a new twist. The IRS reports that this current scam is being reported across the country.
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Florida strives to be a national trendsetter for many things but not this: The Sunshine State No. 1 in tax identity theft and fraud nationwide. Most targets are older residents who are unaware that they have been swindled.
The word is out on the IRS scam phone calls (click here here and here.) So the scammers have upped their game to mail, and it’s quite convincing at first. Since the IRS has said they would never call you demanding money for payment, only send mail letters, it was only a short amount of time until these frausters did so too.
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