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Scams & Fraud

Ready to move to Florida? We can’t blame you. With beautiful, sunny skies, no snow, and plenty of things to do, our state is truly the best place to live and retire. But beware! Whether you’re moving down the street or from a new state entirely, if you’re hiring a mover, you’re at risk of fraud. Moving homes is already a stressful experience and scammers exploit this anxiety by pressuring consumers to make quick decisions without reading the fine print of their moving estimate or contract.
AARP FL is sponsoring free shred events at select locations around the state to help people fight back against fraud and protect them from identity theft.
Picture this: You’re going about your normal day, when you receive a call from Amazon’s Fraud Department about some strange transactions on your account – but they need you to provide some account information... Sounds fishy, right? So, you make the smart decision to hang up and contact Amazon directly.
Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love and gratitude for the people in your life – whether that be friends, family, or a significant other. But scammers like to take advantage of our goodwill, often pretending to be someone they’re not to gain our trust – and our financial information. Called “relationship scams,” this type of fraud can happen to anyone, not just those looking for love.
New year, new job? AARP Florida is here to set you up for success and protect you from fraud.
AARP Florida is warning people about election-related fraud targeting older voters, including requests for donations to fictitious political action committees and soliciting sensitive information during fake voter registration efforts.
Veterans Day is a time to celebrate those who have fought for our country, and now AARP Florida is fighting for you. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), scammers stole $414 million from veterans, active duty service members and their families in 2022. Since you have sacrificed so much for our freedom, your money shouldn’t be sacrificed as well. Take a look at some common scams targeting military service members and veterans, and some best practices on how to defend yourself:
Spooky season is officially upon us! While we usually associate October with things like Jack-o-Lanterns on doorsteps and pumpkin spice goodies, you may want to pay attention to a truly scary topic – scams. With the restart of student loan payments this month, scammers are interested in more tricks than treats to fool you out of your hard-earned money.
Protecting consumers is one of AARP’s founding principles. At AARP Florida, we’re providing Florida-specific fraud resources, education, and updates to help keep Floridians
On May 24, AARP celebrated the signing of SB 770, Residential Loan Alternative Agreements, into law. This will protect homeowners from the predatory practice of filing unfair real estate fee agreements in property records, known as Non-Title Record Agreements for Personal Service (NTRAPS). The purchase of a home is often the most important investment a person will make, and this new law will provide additional safeguards to ensure this investment is protected against predatory business practices like NTRAPS.
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