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Grew up in Los Angeles. Learned the lessons in Washington DC. Living the good life in Florida. Family caregiver extraordinaire. <-- Jimmy Buffet fan.
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A study published last month by the Journal of American Medical Association says of the 54,095 nursing home residents in Florida when Irma struck, more than half of residents experienced power loss after the hurricane, which was associated with an increased odds of mortality within days after the storm.
This is your opportunity to help the next generation of Ohioans cope with this horrible disease.
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A settlement agreement was announced by Florida Power & Light (FPL) and filed with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) for four years of pre-approved rate increases totaling $1.53 billion.
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The pandemic has pushed millions of older adults into isolation, which has heightened thoughts of suicide for this already stressed population that consists of veterans, unpaid family caregivers and front-line workers.
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Florida electric utilities’ storm protection plans will speed electricity restoration minimally, for very few customers, with dramatic rate increases for all. the plans are about utility profits, not storm protection. You still have time to take action!
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Most Floridians who say they’re likely to vote in this fall’s elections say they feel secure using a mail-in ballot, according to an AARP Florida/Florida Politics poll released today.
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Florida is no stranger to hurricane and scam artists. Natural disasters often bring an influx of con artists ready to take advantage of suffering and confusion.
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Join the Coalition for Silver Solutions — AARP Florida, Florida Health Care Association, Leading Age Florida and 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East — for a summit focusing on the challenges the state faces for meeting the high-quality, long-term healthcare needs of older Floridians. We are seeking family caregiver input on potential solutions. Come and make your voice heard!
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Please share this information with any friends and family in the Sunshine State!
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Florida lawmakers adopted a slew of healthcare bills that will help Florida consumers save on prescription drugs and gain easier access to their doctors. For ratepayers who get their electrical power from investor-owned utilities (FPL, Duke, TECO, Gulf Power, FPUC), lawmakers ignored calls from consumer groups, AARP Florida included, and pushed through legislation that will increase consumers’ monthly bills. We breakdown the top issues AARP Florida tracked.
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