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AARP grant will fund devices for CyberMasters, an intergenerational tech training program.
AARP's grant will fund the installation of two outdoor 'benches' with solar canopies that power wi-fi and device-charging stations.
Sherlyn Freeman could never be sure her dad would remember to turn off the lights before bed or that he wouldn’t stumble in the dark trying to reach them in the middle of the night. At 80, he exhausted himself just getting downstairs to answer the doorbell.
Missouri is in the last leg of a major push by the government, private companies and nonprofits, including AARP, to extend high-speed internet access to every state resident. Missouri has allocated $261 million of its American Rescue Plan Act funding for broadband efforts. And, last year, the federal Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program awarded the state an additional $1.7 billion — the biggest public investment of its kind in Missouri to date.
News and Notes from AARP Michigan
If you’re like many Americans, the arrival of a package at your doorstep is a common occurrence. In the age of digital shopping, it has become harder than ever to keep track of what is coming when and from whom. This new reality has led directly to the rise of the digital package delivery scam.
Ray Sullivan, 72, of Charlotte, acknowledges he’s always been a few steps behind when it comes to technology. He was still using his 1993 flip phone until a few years ago, when his daughter’s nudging persuaded him to switch. Now, with the help of AARP North Carolina, Sullivan is conquering his next tech challenge: using a computer.
With a digital opportunity plan approved, Texas is unlocking federal funding to expand high-speed internet access throughout the state.
AARP Wyoming Educational Series Unveils the Future
Georgia's newly approved digital connectivity plan promises affordable, high-speed internet for all, tackling infrastructure gaps and affordability issues. AARP Georgia supports this vital initiative, emphasizing its importance for older adults and urging continued federal support for affordable internet access.
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