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News and Notes from AARP Michigan
Missouri is battling a persistent gap between its high-speed internet haves and have-nots. State officials are seeking input on how to spend a windfall from Washington—of up to $1 billion—to expand broadband access.
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Catch up on popular technology and online offerings with a series of free webinars, hosted by AARP Kansas. The sessions will be offered one Wednesday in most months through November. The dates and topics are:
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The event, called Senior High Tech, is a collaboration between SkillsUSA students from around the state, AARP Wyoming and the Casper Senior Center. The training is free and there is no requirement to be an AARP member or over age 50 in order to take part in the event. In addition to the tech tutoring, a free lunch, courtesy of AARP Wyoming will be available at the Casper Senior Center on April 25.
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Get web savvy this May with a four-week virtual Tech Tuesdays series presented by Senior Planet from AARP, a program that helps older adults learn new skills.
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Are you looking for ways to get involved in your community? The AARP Connecticut volunteer team has opportunities for everyone. Whether you like to volunteer with others or work more independently, we would love to have you on our team! With AARP, you can volunteer at your own pace, on the projects you are most passionate about. Volunteering with AARP is a way to make a positive impact in Connecticut communities and, like many of our current volunteers, make lifelong friends along the way.
Volunteers are needed to help keep Utah roads safe and older drivers confident behind the wheel.
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New technology is rapidly changing your car, with features such as drowsy driver alerts and forward-collision warnings.
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Ahora que casi todos los adultos en el país están en línea por trabajo, finanzas, compras o entretenimiento, los delincuentes tienen muchas oportunidades para robar dinero o datos personales confidenciales en internet.
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With most U.S. adults online these days for work, finances, shopping or entertainment, criminals have many opportunities to steal money or sensitive personal information on the web.
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