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Scammers work hard to get us in a heightened emotional state where decision-making is compromised. Con artists refer to this as getting their targets “under the ether.”
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“Our ‘active’ years were absorbed in the preliminaries of the business of living. Now, freed at last, we face the challenge of making a life rich in expression without friction and without futile desires. This existence today is life itself. …To savor the present, to squeeze out every bit of its flavor, its scent, its quality, to enjoy it is to live it to the full. It's folly to believe that tomorrow will be uniquely different from today. Today is ours! It will be significant as it is purposeful.”
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Resources for updates, home health visits, food banks, grocery access and meal delivery.
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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, older adults and individuals with chronic health conditions are at higher risk for serious illness from the coronavirus (COVID-19).
AARP New Hampshire is a busy place!
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With everyone spending lots of time at home, many people may feel lonely or struggle to keep in touch with family and friends—but you don't have to go at it alone.
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At AARP NH, one of our most valuable assets is our team of dedicated volunteers. AARP NH is thriving and our hundreds of active and engaged volunteers play a critical role in this success. Their dedication impacts everything we do! Want to join the team?
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Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announces “Slam the Scam” Day on March 5, 2020 as part of the Federal Trade Commission’s National Consumer Protection Week which runs March 1-7, 2020.
As a parent of a child with type I Diabetes, I can elaborate.
Dan and Grace are 65 and 62 years old. Their son Michael is in his early 30s. Dan is newly retired and Grace worked a very part time job but now is not well enough to work. She was not eligible for any kind of paid leave or short-term disability. She was diagnosed with ‘involved’ colo-rectal cancer. She was undergoing some very ‘heavy’ chemo and getting radiation treatments at the same time, so she was quite ill.
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