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Medicare Open Enrollment season is here, which means it is also Medicare fraud season. Between now and December 7th seniors across the country will be shopping for the best deal for their health care dollar. Unfortunately some of the deals they will be offered won’t be deals at all.
Stranger at your door
A door-to-door scam targeting seniors has resurfaced and it's focused on Florida (although it could move on to other states). Please share this information with any friends and family in the Sunshine State!
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You log into your banking site and immediately notice something’s wrong, horribly wrong. Somehow, your account has been compromised and money is missing. At the risk of fearmongering, this isn’t as uncommon as you might think.
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The announcement, made October 4, unveiled a new public service announcement by The Oak Ridge Boys. The PSA focuses on the dangers of elder fraud and the importance of education.
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Español | National Cyber Security Month
Did you know that someone’s identity gets stolen every two seconds? The AARP Fraud Watch Network provides you with tips and resources to help you spot and avoid identity theft and fraud so you can protect yourself and your family. Our watchdog alerts will keep you up to date on con artists’ latest tricks. It’s free of charge for everyone: AARP members, non-members, and people of all ages. Be a fraud fighter! If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam. Report scams to local law enforcement. Contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network at for more information on fraud prevention.
GREENSBORO -- Fraud and scams targeting older adults continue to plague the state and nation as criminals use tricks both old and new to try to steal our money or identity.
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Nope – no one will call you to serve you with a warrant over-the-phone. When a scammer calls, keep yourself in a calm state, and always report an attempted scam to the Federal Trade Commission.
It's a deal?
New defenses as thieves change tactics
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