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The impacts of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic have been felt across the globe, including the Cowboy State. As of late June, over 1,200 Wyomingites had been diagnosed with or assumed to have COVID-19 with 20 of those cases resulting in death. Another 900 had recovered.
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MORRISVILLE, NC – The North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) has released a report with 30 recommendations for health care providers, state agencies, advocacy organizations, professional associations, and health care payers to support individuals with serious illness, their caregivers, and their communities.
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If you were at the hospital and unable to speak, how would medical personnel know what kind of treatment you want or whom you want to make decisions for you?
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As COVID-19 restrictions ease in Virginia, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are preparing to resume in-person visits for families. Visits won’t be the same as before the pandemic, at least until the threat of coronavirus has passed. There may be limits on when, where and for how long you can see loved ones, and distancing rules will likely be in place.
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This live Q&A event will address some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from members and users over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic. Get the latest information on how to stay safe, protect loved ones and access health resources as hospital and nursing home visitation bans and physical distancing measures are lifted.
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