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Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing. Medicare spent an extra $110 billion in recent years because drug prices increased faster than inflation. That money could have bought lots of gas and groceries.
Medicare Open Enrollment 2014
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Not sure which Medicare plans and options are right for you or a loved one? AARP is here to help connect you to the resources that may make it easier for you to decide what’s right for you.
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English |El gobernador Newsom firma la Ley AB 824, prohibiendo los acuerdos de "pago por retraso" entre empresas de medicamentos de marca y genéricos, que han mantenido fuera del mercado los medicamentos genéricos de bajo costo. (De izquierda a derecha) El Fiscal General Becerra, la Directora de Abogacía de AARP CA, Blanca Castro, el Gobernador Newsom y el Miembro de la Asamblea Jim Wood.
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Español | Governor Newsom signs AB 824 into law, banning “pay-to-delay” agreements between brand-name and generic drug companies, which have kept low-cost generic medications off the market. (Left to Right) Attorney General Becerra, AARP CA Advocacy Manager Blanca Castro, Governor Newsom, and Assembly member Jim Wood.
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Medicare Part D Open Enrollment begins Oct. 15
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AARP breaks ground on fitness park Oct. 18.
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On Thursday, Sept. 26, AARP Georgia and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hosted a Telehealth Forum at the Cobb Galleria Centre. The Telehealth Forum provided information to AARP members, Caregivers, and Veterans about how to utilize telehealth technology.
Laws focus on ‘gotcha’ pricing, drug costs
Navigating the intricacies of Medicare and other health insurance issues can be confusing, but Idahoans have a chance ths month to get their questions answered by the state’s top insurance official.
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