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June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month and AARP North Carolina is working with other advocates for the aging to help prevent exploitation, abuse and neglect of older adults in the state.
WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Residents and visitors to Winston-Salem now have a new place to play, gather and exercise, thanks to the new AARP Sponsored Outdoor Fitness Park Organized by FitLot opening in Miller Park on Queen Street.
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RALEIGH -- AARP is pleased that the Governor’s budget proposal for FY 2021-2023 will help North Carolina emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and enable the state to strengthen health care access. As the process moves forward, AARP advocates are urging lawmakers to fund important programs and services that help people age in their own homes and communities, and better protect our state’s most vulnerable seniors. AARP is also asking state lawmakers to prioritize specific measures to promote our wellbeing.
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RALEIGH– For their work to help people live the kind of lives they want to live as they age, Pat Battle, Alan Briggs, Dr. Cheryl Greenberg and Lilian Scott Lee and Alexis Welch RN have been appointed to the Executive Council of AARP North Carolina.  AARP is a volunteer led organization and Executive Council members work closely with AARP staff and volunteers to provide strategy to guide the advocacy and programs offered to over 1.1  million AARP members in the state.
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RALEIGH, NC -- As COVID-19 cases in North Carolina continue to climb, AARP renewed its call for state legislators to better protect nursing home residents and staff from the coronavirus. The latest release of the AARP Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard finds concerning trends in North Carolina’s nursing homes, with nursing home deaths, resident cases, lack of personal protective equipment and staff shortages all above the national average.
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ASHEVILLE -- Accessory Dwelling Units — commonly known as backyard bungalows, garage apartments and so-called granny flats — are small homes that exist on the same property lot as a single-family residence. Not only are these housing options important for family caregivers who want their loved ones to live nearby, their popularity is growing in crowded urban areas where land is scarce and expensive.
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