Tallahassee, Fla. – AARP’s Florida state director, Jeff Johnson, issued the following statement today urging Florida lawmakers to push ahead with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s vision of lowering the cost of prescription drugs, citing a powerful positive reaction to the initiative from AARP members.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson issued the following statement today, responding to a report issued by a group lobbying to stop lower prescription drug costs for Floridians:
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Every 20 years the state Constitutional Revision Commission meets to decide if amendments to the Florida State Constitution are needed.  Here are the slate of amendments you'll see on your ballots on Nov. 6.
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With Hurricane Michael striking North Florida less than 30 days before the Nov. 6 general election, one urgent consideration for many Panhandle residents is how to cast their vote. Elections officials are working across the region to make it possible for all registered voters to cast their ballot, but the how-to details of voting in this election vary from county to county. We've got a breakdown for you.
By Tom Scherberger
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The AARP-Univision polls found that, across party lines, Florida 50-plus Hispanic voters want politicians in Washington to work together to strengthen and update Social Security, as well as strengthen and protect Medicare. They also worry about how divided America and Americans have become, that prices are rising faster than their income, and about access to affordable healthcare.
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Older voters are a force in the Sunshine State: Nearly a fifth of Florida’s population is 65 and older, and 2016 exit polls showed half of Floridians who voted were 50 or older.
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Medicare contributes $53.9 Billion to Florida's economy, equivalent to 32% of state and local government spending in the state, according to a new report from AARP.
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In a joint AARP-POLITICO poll released today, Florida voters age 50 and over do not feel better off financially despite a growing economy. The poll also found that Social Security and health care will be very important to 50-plus voters when they cast ballots for Congress in the mid-term elections, and they are deeply concerned about the future of Medicare. 
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