Early Voting Begins In Florida
St. Petersburg voters cannot vote early in person this year but can still vote by mail
Latino Voters Go To The Polls Early In Florida
Los votantes pueden emitir su papeleta de voto temprano y en persona o enviarla por correo para votar desde sus hogares de manera segura.
Latino Voters Go To The Polls Early In Florida
Voters will be able to cast a ballot early and in person or submit a mail-in ballot to vote safely from home.
Protect 50 plus voters
46 percent of those surveyed said they hadn’t heard enough from candidates about their plans for the future of Social Security, and 47.6 percent said they hadn’t heard enough about candidates’ plans for the future of Medicare
Protect 50 plus voters
AARP Florida hosted Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee for a conversation on voting safely in this election season.
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Any registered voter can cast a ballot by mail; no excuse is required
among fifty plus florida voters fifty percent support trump and forty seven support biden for president
Almost all are worried the country is becoming more divided
Trump v Biden 2020 Presidential Election
Today AARP Florida released a new survey of likely Florida voters showing that that former Vice President Joe Biden narrowly leads President Trump by 2 percent in the Sunshine State, within the margin of error of the poll. 
Ballot box with national flag on background - Florida
Fewer Floridians plan to vote by mail than in July; but trust in elections remains high
Tallahassee, Fla. – AARP’s Florida state director, Jeff Johnson, issued the following statement today urging Florida lawmakers to push ahead with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s vision of lowering the cost of prescription drugs, citing a powerful positive reaction to the initiative from AARP members.
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