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Senior Citizens Line Up For Vaccinations Administered By Florida Department Of Health
Gov. Ron Desantis has said the state's goal is to vaccinate most people in its top priority group — including older adults — by February. The vaccine would then become available to more people, likely including essential workers like teachers and police officers.
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During these critical times, it is important that we do what we can to seek healthy behaviors. We can help each other thrive … even amid quarantine and physical distancing which can contribute to feelings of social isolation. Healthy living means we take care of ourselves and practice brain health, exercise, and healthy eating.
Senior facility gets COVID-19 vaccine
Low nursing home staff and resident vaccination rates have experts concerned about another wave of infections
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Though COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available, AARP Florida is still providing critical information and helping anyone who has not been vaccinated but wants to be.
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On behalf of AARP Florida’s 2.8 million members and all older Floridians, we encourage AHCA to find creative ways to enhance, expand, or strengthen home- and community-based care under Florida’s Medicaid program. With so many families in need of help with care, now is the time to take advantage of these new federal resources, which can supplement existing state efforts around home- and community-based services.
Senior COVID Testing
The latest release of AARP's Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard shows that Florida is trending higher than the national average for new reported cases of COVID-19.
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For Floridians with annual incomes of from $17,420 up to $26,130 for a family of two – or anyone who’s received unemployment compensation in 2020 or 2021, the ARPA benefits could even cut monthly health-care premiums to zero for a Silver-level ACA plan through 2022.
Puerto Rico Vaccine 1
If you’re homebound and would like to register for a vaccine, there are ways to receive it where you live.
Disabled senior man at a nursing home looking away to the door
The latest release of AARP's Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard shows that both cases and deaths in Florida nursing homes declined substantially in the four weeks ending March 21, falling to their lowest levels since AARP began releasing this information in June 2020.
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Tell your State Senator and State House of Representative member to protect nursing home residents by voting ‘No’ on SB 1132/HB 485.
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