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Floridians 65 and up have already started to receive COVID-19 vaccines
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Advocating for improved conditions at long-term care facilities is AARP Florida’s top priority for the Legislature’s next regular session, which begins March 2. 
A holistic coach and healthy chef that combines primary food with secondary food in order to be balance in life.
Protect 50 plus voters
46 percent of those surveyed said they hadn’t heard enough from candidates about their plans for the future of Social Security, and 47.6 percent said they hadn’t heard enough about candidates’ plans for the future of Medicare
Disabled senior man at a nursing home looking away to the door
AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson issued the following statement today on news that Florida would be receiving sufficient rapid-result test kits for coronavirus to conduct 400,000 tests per day.
Disabled senior man at a nursing home looking away to the door
AARP’s Florida State Director, Jeff Johnson, issued the following statement today on AARP’s concerns about recommendations from a state task force on the reopening of elder-care facilities to visitors.
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AARP Florida is hosting a variety of health and wellness classes geared toward its members that can be done in the comforts of their homes.
During the pandemic, patients like the convenience of telemedicine, more skeptical doctors are quickly embracing it, and insurers have eased their billing requirements for providers.
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Keeping the balance between being informed and being overwhelmed takes work.
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As Florida heads into the 2020 hurricane season June 1, Sunshine State residents are facing a new level of uncertainty: Never in modern history have Floridians had to consider how to plan for the disruption and danger of a hurricane while also juggling concerns about a pandemic.
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