Florida Utilities

Calls To Action

AARP Florida is busy fighting for you, but we need your help. Right now we are in a multi-front battle to stop unjustified utility rate increases statewide. If you don’t think a rate increase somewhere else in the state doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong. Please take action. Raise your voice before they raise your rates!

Stop SB 796: Call Your Senator Today!
The 2019 Florida State Legislature rang into session on March 5, and immediately began bad bills that, if passed, will create a new pathway for investor-owned utilities to add additional compounding charges outside of the base rate on monthly power bills. Call your senator NOW!

Contact the PSC and Tell Them That a Gulf Power Rate Increase Will Hurt Panhandle Residents Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael
Gulf Power, recently acquired by Florida Power & Light, is asking state regulators for a storm recovery charge of $8 per 1,000-kilowatt hour (Kwh) on your monthly residential bill for the next 5 years. In its request to the Florida Public Service Commission, Gulf Power states that it estimates that this surcharge will yield approximately $68 million per year for a total of $342 million. Take action and contact the PSC today!

Demand Action: Some Nursing Homes Still Lack Backup Power
In 2018, the Florida State Legislature passed a law last year requiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have emergency backup power, but many have yet to comply. What’s not being done.

We have been fighting for consumers against unjustified utility rate increases for years.
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