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AARP Illinois Commends Illinois Leaders for Making Voting Safer on Election Day

This Election Day, AARP Illinois commends the Governor and Legislators who worked to make voting easier and more accessible across the state.

 This new law in place today allows polling places to continue to offer safe drop boxes and curb-side voting.

It also:

  • Make your voice heard
    Provides that an election authority's curb-side voting program shall designate at least 2 election judges from opposite parties per vehicle and the individual must have the option to mark the ballot without interference from the election judges.
  • Requires election authorities to accept any vote by mail ballot returned, including ballots returned with insufficient or no postage.
  • Allows election authorities to establish secure collection sites for postage-free return of vote by mail ballots.
  • Provides for the collection and processing of vote by mail ballots submitted to collection sites.
  • Provides that the State Board of Elections shall establish additional guidelines for the security of collection sites. Effective immediately.

AARP Illinois is proud to advocate on behalf of its 1.7 million members, and is committed to ensuring that politicians do all they can to make sure that 50+ Americans – from working parents, to family caregivers, to seniors in nursing homes – can vote safely.

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