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Drug cost tally on display
Electricity bills
Non-profit organization and Attorney General had banded together to mobilize members and constituents to demand for safeguards
It’s a relief to see that alternative retail energy suppliers, Attorney General Kwame Raoul and legislators have come to an agreement on safeguards regarding the way the industry lures in and retains unsuspecting customers.
Nursing Home
Illinois nursing home residents subjected to neglect, infection, unauthorized administration of psychotropic drugs and other horrifying consequences due to inadequate nursing home staffing will now be protected through safeguards outlined by state law, thanks to crucial new legislation.
Prescription medicine and money
AARP is backing two pieces of legislation aimed at curbing drug prices, by providing those who prescribe them unbiased information on pharmaceuticals and mandating more transparency on how manufacturers set the costs of prescription meds.
Home healthcare nurse with senior adult patient. Medications.
AARP Illinois has launched a campaign in Springfield to advocate for the rights and protection of nursing home residents.
Pills decorated with dollar bills
Springfield, Ill. — Sending a strong message to drug companies that skyrocketing prescription drug prices must be stopped, the Illinois House of Representatives voted Wednesday to implement a novel new program aimed at arming doctors with unbiased, objective information on pharmaceuticals.
Caregivers and loved ones seeking improved nursing home quality of care now urge the Illinois House of Representatives to pass important measure
On the go
AARP Illinois Launches Aggressive Campaign to Demand Better Nursing Home Care Statewide
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