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In the fight against Alzheimer’s we have different ways to protect brain health and delay dementia. These include regular aerobic exercise, eating a low-inflammatory diet like the Mediterranean or MIND diet, treating conditions that harm the brain such as diabetes and hypertension, staying socially active, achieving higher education, and being a life-long learner.
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This year’s Facts and Figures report from the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 5.8 million Americans are living with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease–a number expected to grow steeply in coming decades as Baby Boomers age. The report also lists and defines the stages of Alzheimer’s disease, one of which might be unfamiliar to you.
June 2019
In honor of Father’s Day, we share a story of a strong advocate of a father with Alzheimer’s disease and how family history led to genetic test results that sparked lifestyle changes to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s.
Prescription medicine and money
AARP is backing two pieces of legislation aimed at curbing drug prices, by providing those who prescribe them unbiased information on pharmaceuticals and mandating more transparency on how manufacturers set the costs of prescription meds.
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Caregivers of family members with dementia face many challenges and often neglect their own needs while taking care of others. We asked Toni Pliskin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the NorthShore Center for Brain Health, to describe common challenges caregivers face, as well as strategies for self-care and brain health.
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AARP Illinois has launched a campaign in Springfield to advocate for the rights and protection of nursing home residents.
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We have previously explored how exercise can improve sleep. Now we’ll look at other ways exercise is beneficial for brain health.
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Good news for those who have a genetic link to Alzheimer’s disease – and even those who don’t: add better sleep (and improved brain health!) to the long list of benefits of exercise.
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During the winter months, the shorter days and colder weather limit our exposure to vitamin D. Unfortunately, this often leads to vitamin D deficiency which can affect our brain health.
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