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If Only We Think We Can!

In mid-August I celebrated 20 years working at AARP. Twenty years?! Really? On September 11 th I turned 56 years old. Wow.  As I reflect on these milestones I realize I’m right smack dab in the middle of two groups that AARP is focused on. Age-wise I’m part of the  Boomer generation. My generation has changed every American institution it has touched and now as a group we are changing how we age. As a worker, I have begun to feel the tugs of what’s next with my career - is there something else I want to do?  Life Reimagined if you will?

 My body says I’m way past my mid-life crisis; my brain tells me I’m around 30 and I can still keep up with the best of them. I figure once I reconcile these numbers in my life, it is time to consider the content that makes up my life. So in this day and age of Facebook and Twitter and everyone sharing everything from their dinner plans to their favorite band to an  embarrassing video of their pet, I have decided to write about what I’m going through as I age. Sometimes I will be personal, sometimes I will share information or an observation about life or I may just be silly. I hope to find out if others are having similar experiences, maybe you have guidance or wisdom to share that can inform my journey and maybe others. Then again maybe we will just have fun remembering. In my 20 years at AARP I have learned much about life. I have always been inspired by our founder, Dr Ethel Percy Andrus. Her words below have always grounded me when faced with tough decisions or challenges:

0000016b-01a2-dd13-abeb-61effa490000 "Each of us has powers of which we are unaware; each of us has a circle of influence. Our limitations are the product of our own thinking and self-evaluation. If only we think we can!"



What words inspire you?

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