Across The U.S. Voters Flock To The Polls On Election Day
Request a no-excuse absentee ballot and vote safely from home in June’s primaries and November’s general election.
chart showing that in the maine senate contest forty nine percent of voters support republican susan collins and forty seven percent support democrat sara gideon
Biden leading in presidential race, Senate race statistical tie
AARP Maine is hosting community conversations to address the high cost of prescription drugs.
An Extraordinary Election Season
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AMERICANS 50-PLUS ARE THE NATION’S MOST POWERFUL VOTING BLOC. This election, Medicare, Social Security, support for family caregivers, and prescription drug costs are all on the line.
As candidates are out knocking on doors, are you ready to ask what they will do to support aging in place, protect access to quality affordable health care, and other issues that are important to you? Not quite sure what to ask? Here are a few sample questions to consider.
AARP Maine is asking local members and volunteers to host a debate-watch party in their communities. Watch parties can be in your own living room, your local library, or even your favorite restaurant with a good-sized television.  AARP Maine is a co-sponsor of several debates this year and we welcome the opportunity to work with you to raise awareness about the candidates' positions on issues of importance to Mainers 50+ and their families.
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