Tropical Bleeding Heart vines
We New Englanders love our bleeding heart perennials that reliably bloom in the late spring each year. But have you ever seen a tropical bleeding heart vine? I keep mine in the sunroom from about October 15 through May 15, and then move it outside in the warmer months.  It’s a very showy vine, with flowers that begin as you see here, white with small interior red flowers:
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For any garden enthusiasts who couldn't wait to plant those frost-tender veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cukes... Run out and throw a light plastic sheet, or even a regular cloth sheet over those plants, or they might get frost killed.
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As a longtime home gardener, I'm eagerly anticipating spring in New England, especially after the particularly cold winter we've had.  And with my new job as state director of AARP Massachusetts, I see " Real Possibilities" in combining my passions for both gardening and advocating for Bay State residents age 50 and older.
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