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AARP Interviews Congressional Candidates Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and State Sen. Kate Bolz

AARP Nebraska State President Dave Holmquist recently spoke with 1st District Congressional Candidates Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R) and State Senator Kate Bolz (D) about issues of top concern to age 50 plus voters. We covered Social Security, Medicare, prescription drug costs, long-term care, recovering economically from the coronavirus and more.


Hear their responses to the following questions in the recordings below:

1. What is your position on protecting Social Security, and if you win this race, what steps will you take in Congress, if any, to preserve and strengthen Social Security for current beneficiaries and future generations?

2. Medicare is more crucial than ever as Americans face the one-two punch of the coronavirus’ health and economic consequences, providing affordable health care for nearly 68 million older Americans and people with disabilities. How would you protect and strengthen this important health care program for older Americans? 

3. Skyrocketing prices are putting vital prescription drugs out of reach for many Americans age 50-plus. Many people with pre-existing conditions are having to choose between paying for their life-savings medicines and other important needs. Do you agree drug prices are too high, and if so, how will you work to lower prescription drug prices and reduce costs for Americans?

4. Coronavirus has left a devastating impact on families, claiming the lives of more than 70,000 residents and staff of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Americans 50-plus and others in need of long-term care face a patchwork of public and private services, costly institutional care, and rely on unpaid family caregivers. If elected, how will you work to improve our long-term care system and support family caregivers?

5. Unemployment during the coronavirus crisis reached the highest levels since the Great Depression, and older Americans have been disproportionately affected. How would you help Americans over the age of 50 recover economically from the effects of the coronavirus?

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Candidate Interview

State Senator Kate Bolz Candidate Interview

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