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MAR 31, 2023
Contractor fraud and home improvement scams can cost homeowners thousands of dollars and leave them with shoddy workmanship, unfinished projects, or even damage to their homes. Scammers often target older adults who may be more trusting, but anyone can fall victim to these scams.
MAR 20, 2023
The unpaid care provided by the nearly 1.5 million caregivers in Pennsylvania is valued at $22 billion, according to new state data available in AARP’s latest report in the Valuing the Invaluable series. This is a $3.8 billion increase in unpaid contributions since the last report was released in 2019. The report highlights the growing scope and complexity of family caregiving and highlights actions needed to address the many challenges of caring for parents, spouses, and other loved ones.
FEB 20, 2023
Are you interested in walkable communities, public policy, and coalition building? If so, AARP Pennsylvania and America Walks have an opportunity for you: The Pennsylvania State Walking College, a 6-month, distance-learning fellowship program for walkable/livable community advocates, sponsored by AARP Pennsylvania and America Walks.
AARP is here to help you take on today – and every day. From sharing practical resources, to holding fun activities and events, AARP is providing opportunities to connect and help build an even stronger Pennsylvania for all ages to live, work and play. We hope you’ll join us!
Time to book that retirement vacation
Criminals have so many ways to getting in touch with us these days. According to new data from the Federal Trade Commission, the winning entry path in 2022 was the internet. 
Student Loan Application
If there is one constant in the criminal world it’s that scammers follow the news. Student loan forgiveness has been the focus of recent headlines, which has given scammers room for student-loan-related fraud.
Tax time concept; hand is holding Tax Time written on the white paper note with a red pen and calendar.
According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers reported losing $2.6 billion to impostor scams in 2022. One of the longest running impostor scams involves the IRS, so tax time is a good time to draw attention to it.
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AARP Pennsylvania will continue to be a driving force for social change that enhances the lives of 50-plus Pennsylvanians through advocacy, outreach, information, and volunteer service in communities statewide. We are working to ensure that needs of Pennsylvanians age 50 and older, including our nearly 1.8 million members statewide are heard by national, state, and local elected leaders.
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AARP Pennsylvania State Director Bill Johnston-Walsh's statement in response to Governor Shapiro's 2023-24 budget address on March 7.
Staying happy and healthy
Introduced last summer, the Yoga and Mindfulness series was so popular that it continues in 2023 as part of a lineup of healthy living programs that AARP Pennsylvania offers to keep people over 50 moving.
I Voted Stickers
As Philadelphia prepares to elect a new mayor, AARP is reaching out to candidates for their views on affordable housing, safe streets and other issues vital to voters 50 and older.
Bank Impostor Scams.jfif
Banking has changed quite a bit thanks to the internet. While many people still prefer the brick and mortar experience when dealing with their money, today you can do many of the same functions online and over the phone. Criminals are cashing in on these remote transactions by impersonating banks.
Rest Program.jpg
For many fraud victims, the financial toll is only part of the story; nearly two in three victims suffer a significant health or emotional impact, according to research by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.
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