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Banking has changed quite a bit thanks to the internet. While many people still prefer the brick and mortar experience when dealing with their money, today you can do many of the same functions online and over the phone. Criminals are cashing in on these remote transactions by impersonating banks.
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For many fraud victims, the financial toll is only part of the story; nearly two in three victims suffer a significant health or emotional impact, according to research by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.
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This year Social Security payments are being boosted by the biggest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in more than 40 years, and beneficiaries aren’t the only ones looking to cash in. Social Security impostor scams are among the most reported scams each year and criminals are already seeking to use the COLA boost to their advantage.
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It’s National Consumer Protection Week — and while AARP is focused on protecting consumers year-round – this is a good time to highlight some key consumer protection tips. 
As we approach Valentine’s Day, AARP Pennsylvania is warning all residents to be on high alert for romance scams. These scams, which often occur through online dating websites, social media, or over the phone, involve criminals posing as potential romantic partners to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims.
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February 2023
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February 2023
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