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Ensuring Pennsylvanians Have A Say About the Future of Medicare and Social Security

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The New Year brings back our elected officials to the nation’s capital to offer up real fiscal change that will jump-start our economy.

President Obama sits on one end of the isle, and there is a Republican-majority House and Democratic-controlled Senate at the other end.

Financial markets and public opinion have made it clear they want leaders to work through partisan differences and focus on reducing the debt, energizing the economy, implementing the health care law and actually cooperating.  In 2012, AARP members came together in Pennsylvania to have their say about the future of Medicare and Social Security.  Across Pennsylvania, AARP took the debate about the future of Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington and brought it to you.

AARP volunteers in Pennsylvania collected more than 150,000 (and counting) printed, online and telephone You've Earned A Say questionnaires, helping to share your thoughts about these important programs with our elected officials in Washington; and over 150 (and counting) volunteer and staff-led You've Earned A Say listening events were held statewide.

AARP delivered You’ve Earned a Say national and state reports directly to presidential and congressional candidates, as well as to sitting lawmakers, so they can hear first-hand what Americans are saying about strengthening these vital programs.

The reports feature the non-random, unscientific results of three You’ve Earned a Say questionnaires. Responses have been collected at events nationwide, on, through the AARP Bulletin and by phone. AARP consistently hears from people of all ages and across party lines who believe Medicare and Social Security are critical to the health and retirement security of seniors and the new report includes verbatim comments from among the more than 3 million Americans who have engaged in You’ve Earned a Say.

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