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Tennessee: Find upcoming election dates, registration deadlines and options for voting, such as absentee or early voting, or voting with a disability.
Voting in the mid-term elections is easy for some people – just a quick walk around the corner or a short drive to the polling station. But for others, it may seem impossible.
By Hollie Deese
Nashville is growing by about 100 people a day, increasing traffic congestion dramatically. That’s why AARP Tennessee is supporting a mass transit referendum on the May 1 ballot in Nashville.
2016 Tennessee Legislative Agenda
Social Security was created more than 75 years ago to ensure seniors would have a steady stream of income when they retired. It is a promise that has been kept for generations. You pay into Social Security, you get the benefits you earned. While Social Security is not in crisis, modest changes, can preserve and protect the program so current and future generations will receive the full benefits they have earned. If our newly elected President or Members of Congress do not act in 2017, future retirees could lose up to $10,000 a year in benefits. Every year our leaders wait and do nothing, finding a solution grows more difficult.
How will Metro Nashville’s next mayor manage age-related issues?
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