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By Sheila Burke
Transportation Cut Away
Nashville is growing by about 100 people a day, increasing traffic congestion dramatically. That’s why AARP Tennessee is supporting a mass transit referendum on the May 1 ballot in Nashville.
By Hollie Deese
Driving photo
There’s a lot to see and do in Nashville, but getting around is not so easy for residents who no longer drive. That’s why AARP Tennessee has joined a coalition developing Senior Ride Nashville, an assisted ride service that will provide affordable transportation for residents 60 and older. Clients will pay a small annual membership fee and prepay for low-cost rides.
Mature students learning computer skills
Whether you have a thirst to learn or just a new year’s resolution for self-improvement, you may be interested in 10 free classes available online. These 10 free online courses will teach you about the study of happiness from professors and researchers at top universities and help you implement techniques such as meditation, resilience, mindfulness, and visualization into your own life.
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