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AARP Utah is Working to Keep Utility Costs Fair and Affordable

AARP Utah believes you should keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.  That’s why we’re working to make sure your utilities rates are fair and reasonable – and that any rate increases are fully justified.  Here’s how we’re fighting for you:

  • When legislation was introduced that would have required you to pay in advance for the construction of a nuclear power plant that may or may not be built,  AARP Utah stood up for our members.  This legislation was defeated and saved Utah’s utility customers nearly $3 billion.
  • Questar is asking for nearly $19 million more in their revenue each year from their customers.  AARP Utah believes this amount is too high and is working to make sure that any rate increase is fair and would provide better service to Utahns, not simply make the company more profitable.
  • Rocky Mountain Power will be asking for another increase in their revenue next year, and we’ll be there to ensure your rates remain affordable.  Our years of work on these issues have helped keep Utah’s electric rates among the lowest in the nation.

Together, we can fight for fair and affordable utility rates – for all Utahns. Click here to tell us your story and make your voice heard.


Who regulates your rates?

Utah’s big public utility companies are monopolies, so they are regulated by the state.

Office of Consumer Services is Utah’s utility consumer advocate, representing residential consumers of natural gas, electric, and telephone service before the Utah Public Service Commission.

Utah Public Service Commission is responsible for ensuring safe, reliable, adequate and reasonably priced utility service.  They:

  • Conduct hearings and investigations of utility company operations to determine rates.
  • Protect efficient, reliable, reasonably-priced utility service for customers.
  • Maintain financially healthy utility companies.

Division of Public Utilities is responsible for promoting the public interest in utility regulation, working to make sure all utility customers have access to safe, reliable service at reasonable prices.  They:

  • Make recommendations to the Public Service Commission about rates, applications, hearings and other issues that affect quality of service.
  • Investigate consumer complaints.
  • Monitor utility company operations to make sure they’re compliant.


We urge you to let these companies know how you feel about rate increases.  Please go here to tell us your story so together we can keep rate increases fair.

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