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Not sure which Medicare plans and options are right for you or a loved one? AARP is here to help connect you to the resources that may make it easier for you to decide what’s right for you.
Guest author Alana Tompkins outlines way to help keep your brain sharp in these five steps.
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Caring for a parent, spouse, or other loved one can be a 24/7 job that is emotionally, physically and financially difficult. That’s why AARP works tirelessly to support family caregivers, striving to make your big responsibilities a little bit easier.
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An AARP Utah Real Possibilities University will present tips next month on how people can maintain mental dexterity as they age.
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Proposition 3, on the ballot this November, is an expansion of the Medicaid program, which is jointly funded by the Utah state and federal government.  If passed, an additional 150,000 Utahns will have access to affordable healthcare through Medicaid, and it will bring $800 million of federal tax dollars Utahns already pay back into our state to pay for the expansion.  The expansion will add approximately 14,000 new jobs, and this new economic activity will add $1.7 billion to Utah's economy.
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Healthcare costs
State voters will decide Nov. 6 whether to extend health coverage to some 150,000 low-income residents by expanding Medicaid to people who exceed the current financial eligibility bar.
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By Adam Kolowich, Utahns for Healthcare Fairness
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