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National Volunteer Week Spotlight: David Lindeman

David Lindeman


In honor of National Volunteer Week, we are sharing stories about individuals across California who help us amplify our work each and every day. Today we are shining a spotlight on David Lindeman, a renowned expert in technology and aging and a member of our Executive Council,  a group of volunteer leaders that provides strategic vision and guidance for AARP in California.

AARP: Tell us a bit about yourself that you would like others to know.

Lindeman: I have the pleasure of being fully engaged in working on innovative technology solutions to support older adults in maintaining their independence, engagement, and quality of life.  This has allowed me not only to support young innovators in our amazing universities but to travel extensively around the globe to collaborate on technology innovations.  I have been able to participate in the development of exciting new technologies, including reviewing those under development by the AARP innovation team.  In my spare time I enjoy swimming, watching movies, walking our dogs in our wonderful East Bay parks, and occasionally when time permits, engaging in picking up a good book in the old fashioned way - hardcopy rather than through technology.

AARP: What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Lindeman: My wife and I have three wonderful adopted children.

AARP:  How did you become involved with AARP or what made you want to become a volunteer?

Lindeman: I have had the opportunity to be involved with the AARP national office for many years on cutting edge programs related to family caregiving, age-friendly communities, and other program areas.  When offered the opportunity to serve on the California Executive Committee, it was a natural next step to be able to support the superb AARP state staff and program.


AARP: What has surprised you most about volunteering with AARP?

Lindeman: The opportunity to work with so many people with diverse backgrounds, amazing knowledge, and extraordinary life experiences; as well as how effective and committed AARP staff are to the organization and their [members].


AARP: What is one (or a few!) of your favorite aspects or memories of being a volunteer?

Lindeman: Participating in design technology workshops with other volunteers.  Amazing team work and collaboration between AARP state staff and our volunteer team.


AARP: What keeps you motivated in your life and/or in your work as a volunteer?

Lindeman: The opportunity to work on innovative programs and projects, especially those using cutting edge technologies, that truly benefit others and have the potential to be game changers in impacting people's quality of life and well-being.

AARP: What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming an AARP volunteer?

Lindeman: Participating as an AARP volunteer is an extremely rewarding experience:  the amazing colleagues one meets, the multiple ways one can benefit others, and the ways one can influence society, are wonderfully rewarding.

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