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Caucasian woman voting no on ballot
By 2035 the United States will be a country comprised of more people older than 65 than people under 18. That reality motivates AARP every day to ask questions about how we are adjusting to this coming change. Are we building communities that include housing for all income levels, accessible and affordable transportation options, safe parks and public spaces, networks to prevent social isolation, and so on? These components not only benefit older adults, they create great places for people of all ages and all abilities to live and thrive.  Through an extensive analysis process, AARP has concluded Measure B does not address the above mentioned qualities.
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Cesar Chavez
Español On Saturday, March 31, the nation will celebrate the life and contributions of Cesar Chavez. Chavez has paved the way for individuals today to advocate for equitable wages and safe working conditions. In recognition of this legacy, former president Barack Obama mandated in 2014 that all fifty states honor Chavez’s legacy by observing a national holiday each year.
Photo of Jackie Coleman with Kevin de Leon
Diagnosed with dementia and without a job, volunteering for the issues and people she cares about the most has kept Jackie Coleman happier than ever before. Shortly after Coleman lost her dream job as a disability rights lawyer due to her diagnosis, she decided to become an AARP member and soon after that a volunteer with the AARP California Capitol Response Team, “where I make sure that we get approved the right laws that benefit those who are 50 years of age and over.”  Her passion for advocacy also motivated her to become a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association.
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