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Recognizing Hispanic Heritage


In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month  Sept. 1 – Oct. 15 and co-sponsored by AARP Colorado, the Western Colorado Center for the Arts in Grand Junction presents Home Impressions, an exhibit of art by Latino artists.

The artists in Home Impressions each have experience in the cultural hybridity that comes with having ties to the U.S. and Latin America. Whether that experience influences their work to a large or small extent, in ways apparent to viewers or not, depends. The featured artists are: Yvette Villanueva Campbell, Vidal Castillo, Jeanette Davis, Ivan Guaderrama, Beatriz Ledesma, Luis Lopez (co-curator), Connie Martinez, Miguel Reyes and Elisa Uribe.

The immigrant narrative is so central to American history and identity that it is often homogenized. It has become easy to forget the details, how many different factors play into the decision to make a home for oneself in a foreign country. Some of the artists in Home Impressions grew up in Mexico, or Honduras, or Argentina, and moved to the United States as adults. Others were born and raised in Colorado by parents who were from elsewhere, or by one parent who was American and one who was not. Still others came to the United States as small children and have since grown up here. No two stories are the same, and that uniqueness is evident in the diversity of artistic expression that comprises the exhibition.

Visit the Western Colorado Center for the Arts at 1803 N. 7th St., Grand Junction, CO 81501, or for more information call or email 970-243-7337,

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